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Former White House Aide Say's Bush Sold "Propaganda" To American Public

Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan claims in his new book that President Bush knew that the Iraq war was a serious mistake, and called the invasion a "serious strategic blunder". McClellan says that Bush sold the war to the American public with information based on political propaganda instead of truth.

The book, titled "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception", states that Bush turned away from a policy of candor and honesty when those qualities were most needed. McClellan also says that "the way Bush handled Iraq almost guaranteed that the use of force was the only feasible option".

March marked five years since the US invasion of Iraq. The Department of Defense confirms the deaths of 4083 American troops since the start of the war, and the numbers continue to climb. Bush is currently petitioning Congress for more money to fund the insurgency, and promises to veto a proposed bill to improve education benefits to returning veterans.

In the meantime, there have still been no signs of weapons of mass destruction, nor will the president commit to a timetable for the removal of US Troops. There is a misguided opinion that the Iraqi government will adopt policies favorable to the Bush White House, and while all of this political maneuvering is going on, both American soldiers and Iraqi civilians lose their lives daily.

My question is... To what end?
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Jury Views Child Sex Tape At R. Kelly Trial

r-kelly.jpg R. Kelly arrives at court before trial

The jury in r&b singing sensation R. Kelly’s sex trial spent 21 minutes watching people’s exhibit no. 1, the infamous sex tape which prosecutors claim involves the singer and a then under age teen. Kelly, 41, appeared uncomfortable while viewing the tape on a small monitor at the defense table. Read article... (click here)

Achieving Financial Stability

Financial stability is the goal of everyone managing a checkbook or attempting to make ends meet, and the most important tool for establishing stability is a budget. Unfortunately, most budgets fall short of their objective. Fluctuating prices and unexpected expenses wreck havoc on many households, and are a major reason why most budgets fail. But, it isn't the only reason.
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