Are Celebrities Entitled To Private Lives?

Celebrities are a magnet to the paparazzi. But is there ever a time when media hounds and photographers take things too far? A few celebrities believe they do. California is currently considering legislation which would limit how far the paparazzi can go in trying to snag that $45,000 photo that ends up on the cover of your favorite entertainment magazine. But where does the line between public and private life really begin and end?

Few celebrities master the delicate balance of separating their public and personal lives, and to some extent, they are not to blame. Celebrity publicists and spin doctors work around the clock to ensure that their client's likeness is plastered across as many magazine covers and television screens as possible. It is they who create the buzz, and it is that buzz that sells everything from music cd's to movie tickets. Read entire article...(click here)

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Kateedyd said...

I don't think any celebrities really have any private lives. I think they should be able to but when they're out in public, it's all over.

As far as laws and stuff, I do think this should be passed. Those guys go way too far sometimes. Why do they need to put people in danger? That's where the line should be. I forget who said it, but one celeb said that they have telescopic lenses and stuff, why can't they use that instead of jumping all over everybody. That makes perfect sense.

only for biz said...

being humans they should be.........but its the people and the media who gets them all this and makes them a celeb........

but still i feel people or especially the paparazi's to stop peeking in to their bedrooms

Nabila said...

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