Why Men Should Listen to Women

One of the biggest problems in couples communications is that men hear, but do not listen to women. And it's not that guys don't want to listen, it's just that in most cases, women are just not saying the things that guys want to hear. Even when it isn't an issue of being right or wrong, guys will depend too much on their own experiences or perceptions in efforts to preserve their male egos. Why should men listen to women? Because, quite frankly, guys don't always have all the answers.

It can be demeaning to a guy's sense of manly pride to admit that he is wrong, especially when he has to admit it to a woman. There are simply some things that a guy refuses to admit that a woman can be right about, or worse yet, know more about than he does. Politics, sports, world events, home and auto repair, action movies, video games, and map reading are just "guy things". When women infiltrate those territories, or heavens forbid, become knowledgeable about them, then it threatens the last few bastions of perceived male superiority. (Read entire article here)

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I think men should listen to women because there is nothing more giving than a satisfied women.