Should Barrack Obama Be Judged By Rev. Wright's Comments?

Since coming to national attention four years ago, Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama has earned a well deserved reputation as a gifted orator, and the voice of grassroots politics in the United States. Until recently, he was considered to have few flaws. Now, just weeks before democrats decide on a nominee at the national convention, it seems the greatest flaws uncovered are words spoken not by the candidate himself, but by another man.
American voters are being bombarded with sensationalized campaign stories, from Hillary Clinton ducking bullets, to the latest tirade by a pastor associated with Barrack Obama. The most disappointing story throughout the entire campaign is that the media is treating this presidential campaign like an episode of the Jerry Springer Show. Most Americans have the ability to weed through the nonsense, and focus on the relevant issues. They assess Senator Barrack Obama of the basis of his campaign, not the circus that the media has created.

Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright...
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