Understanding the Rules for Change

There have been a lot of comments from varying factions about the lack of indictments in cases of African American killed by police. However, our complaining about it is not the answer. We can submit all the Facebook posts that we want, but that does not solve the problem. Part of the greater issue is that we keep preaching to the choir. Our messages are only being heard by those sympathetic to our frustrations. Those who are not responsive to the message of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬, justice for Black America, or even fairness and equality for all people can simply delete our posts and move on. If we truly want our voices to be heard, then we must participate in the legislative process by voting.   

The reality is that none of us are going to give up all that we have and move to Africa (and a part of this reality is that the Motherland has its own set(s) of problems that we are not equipped to deal with). What we need to do is take the same steps that our parents' generation did and petition Congress to enact legislation that forces change. This will not end bigotry and racism, but it also doesn't help for us to also promote reverse racism as a solution. As African Americans, we only make up 13% of this population, and even if we were able to convince every one of the 41 million Blacks in this country to revolt, it would be like California (which has 39 million people) attempting to fight the rest of the entire United States. Legislation is the key to change. , we all need to participate in the legislative process.

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