Why We're Fascinated With Celebrity News

  • Celebrities enjoy the lifestyles that many of us only dream about. They live in palatial estates, drive the most expensive automobiles, eat at the best restaurants, and date the most beautiful men and women in the world. Substantial incomes keep them from the worries of budgeting paycheck to paycheck, and their lives appear to be the substance of dreams Or so we think.

    Celebrity news fascinates the general public. Whether it’s a high profile marriage or divorce, gossip journalists overload our senses with every detail of celebrity doings. Cameras chronicle jet-setters entering and exiting rehab, their stays in jail, and everything from partying in the trendiest night spots to walking the dog. Those of us living less exciting lives devour every news item, keeping gossipers in business with our insatiable appetites for more dirt.

    Celebrity news takes us from the boring details of our everyday existence to a world many people never experience. Most of us do not mingle in the same circles as Brad and Angelina, or Beyonce' and Jay Z... read entire article

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