The All-Time Greatest NBA Scorers

Finger rolls, sky hooks, double reverses, and slam dunks. NBA players are like acrobats when it comes to finding ways to put points on the board. Some players seem to score at will. When the ball is in their hands, magic seems to happen.

Many players have had high scoring games. Some players can get into a zone, when every shot seems to fall through the hoop. Other players never seem to get out of the zone. They are the select few that have risen to the top year after year, and they are the ones on my list of the all time best NBA scorers.

Wilt Chamberlain
Wilton Norman Chamberlain entered the NBA in October, 1959 after a one year stint with the Harlem Globetrotters. At 7' 1' tall, he was a combination of strength and quickness never seen in the league before his arrival. In his first game as a rookie with the Philadelphia Warriors, he scored 43 points and grabbed 27 rebounds, breaking previous regular season records in both categories.

Chamberlain, nick named "Wilt the Stilt", was the most prolific scorer in NBA history. During his 13 year career, he averaged 30.1 points per game, equaled only by Michael Jordan. He is the only player in NBA history to have scored 100 points in a game, which he accomplished on March 2, 1962 against the New York Knicks. He is also the only player to average more than 50 points in a season, and scored 60 or more points in an unprecedented 31 games. He is the first player to score 3000 points in a regular season, eventually being joined in that realm by Michael Jordan, and the only player to score 4000 points during a regular season, scoring 4029 during the 1961-1962 campaign.

Wilt Chamberlain played for several teams during his NBA career, including the Warriors, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Los Angeles Lakers. He was the most dominant player on each team, often facing defenses designed to double or triple team him. His 31,419 career points is the fourth best of all time, but he accomplished it playing fewer games than those ahead of him in total points. He also set NBA records for rebounds, averaging 22.9 per game over his career.

Michael Jordan
Michael Jeffery Jordan is regarded as the most exciting and most marketed player in NBA history. Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls out of the University of North Carolina in 1984, as the number three overall pick. Jordan joined a Bulls team that had only won 27 games the previous year, and quickly turned them into one of the most dominate teams in the history of basketball. Read entire article...(click here)

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