Wanda Sykes On The Government's Financial Bailout


Wanda Sykes recently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and shared her views about the financial bailout.

The U.S. Government's financial bailout of Wall Street is shaking up the the world economy, and everyone seems to have taken a hit by the market's sudden fall. And just like Wanda, everyone seems an opinion about it.

I've spent the past few feeks listening to respected economists explain the the need to feed $700 billion dollars into what seems to have become a sinking ship, but no one was beating down my door to bail me out when I was late on my credit card payment. 

And then I found out that less than a week after my hard earned tax dollars helped to keep overpaid executives with a job at AIG, the take off on a high priced vacation at a luxury spa, probably using some of the $85 billion that they received from tax payers to tip the cabanna boy.

Anyway, listen to Wanda's take on how she see's the bailout. Actually, her views are not much different than mine!



Natural said...

wanda is the best. i LOVE her. funny stuff.

Terry Marsh said...

Natural, I agree. I thought this clip was hilarious.

Marti said...

and the latest on aig is that the bail out was not enough they have gone through 65% of the money in just 5 weeks and it doesn't appear that that is going to hold them....they will collapse anyway.

i think that the collapse...although really painful is going to be, to some extent, a house cleaning, some of these mega corporations will die and that's a good thing. At least we will all be in pretty much the same boat..worldwide. This will be great for global warming cause production of consumer goods will come to a screeching halt! lol

Kateedyd said...

I saw her on there and HAD to stop. I was trying SO hard not to crack up while I was right next to my baby who was sleeping! That was one of the funniest things I've seen in a LONG time! The best part is that she makes sense ;o)

Kateedyd What?!
Mommie’s Marbles

Raymond said...

That's about the best description I have heard.

neferiti said...

Love me some Wanda! She is the greatest!


i love you wanda!! and what you said is all true!!!!

NYC BMMA Fan said...

Wanda telling it like it should be.