Barack Obama Is Elected First Black U.S President

The United States voting public has shocked the world by electing Sen. Barack Obama as the first Black U.S. President.

The entire world watched as the final few electoral votes pushed his total beyond that magical 270 mark, and most Americans cheered and breathed a collective sigh of relief that change means not only changing the complexion of the first family, but also how the country is run.

In The World As I See It, the United States has been damaged by the outgoing presidential administration's failed policies both internationally and here on U.S. soil. The negative effects of those failures have created ripples on a global scale, and have caused the rest of the world to ask the question... "How can the U.S. fix our problems, when they can't even handle their own?"

The time has come for the United States to stop being seen as international bullies, and develop an atmosphere of international harmony. It's time for us to communicate our differences in a manner which allows us to "agree to disagree", while still being able to find that common thread.

The wants and needs of most cultures do not differ much from our own. We all want our families to live in a safe environment and receive quality health care. We want our children to enjoy a quality education, while growing to believe that there is no dream beyond the realm of their potential. We want to feel safe in our homes, when we travel, or when we simply go the the store for a loaf of bread.

We believe in a system of free enterprise, but want to know that corporate entities aren't gouging us for our last dime while they collect billions in profits for goods and services that are
necessary for our day to day survival.

Make no mistake about it, President Barack Obama will have his hands full with the challenges that lie before us.

In the article, "Is America Ready for A Black President?", I wrote, "the question should not be whether or not America is ready for a Black president, but whether any individual seeking the office of president is ready for the enormous challenges facing them in America."

There is little doubt in my mind that Barack Obama is ready. May God be with you, Mr. President.

Is America Ready For A Black President?



Shinade said...

Bravo and Amen!! We all voted Obama in our family!!

May God Bless our nw First family!!

Dori said...

You just hit this one out of the park! Great, great post! I fully agree. This is an amazing turning point. And I'm with you, we all must stand behind our new president and keep him and his family in our prayers. We are so blessed to have such an intelligent man at the helm :-)

Mike Golch said...

the biggest thing we ALL have to remember is to stand with our President and make sure that our congressmen and women and senitors pass the legislation that he needs to get this country back on the Righttrack.

The World As I See It said...

Thanks Shinade, Dori, and Mike...
I certainly appreciate your comments, and look forward to whatever hope the future may bring.


Dori said...

I loved this post and I always enjoy your writing here. I have something for you at my blog. Please stop by when you get the chance :-) said...

You said Obama was our first black president.

I thought he was half white. He was abandoned by his black father, and raised by his white mother and grandparents.

Doesn't sound too much like he was down with the struggle to me.