Britney Spears Promotes "Circus" on Good Morning America


Britney Spears appears on Good Morning America to celebrate her December 2nd brithday and the debut of her new album, "Circus", which hit stores today. On GMA, she performs "Womanizer", the first single from the album, which reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Britney Spears' comeback in 2008 has has been nothing short of amazing. This week, she is appearing on the cover of almost every major Entertainment publication, including 'Rolling Stone', 'People', and 'Glamour'. She 's overcome tremendous obstacles to win her way back into the hearts of the American public, and the same entertainment media which seemed to detail her very public decline.

It's good to see that she's back on top, but more importantly, that she has regained control of her life.



Jacqueline said...

I personally don't think she had to do much to win back anyone. She's a money machine, and in a sick sort of way, they desperately wanted her to make a comeback.

Still, no matter what condition she's in, she's good for the economy.

I think it's unfortunate that she's being used this way...but that's the world of entertainment. Just my 2 cents.

I sincerely hope she's doing better.

The World As I See It said...

Jacqueline, I agree that she's a money machine. Especially to the record company, and even to all of the publications which will no doubt sell all of their copies by just having her on the cover.

Most of them care only that she's well enough to continue making money for them.

Terry Marsh

The Fitness Diva said...

She's on the comeback trail. I think it's going to be a success! :)

The World As I See It said...

Diva, I wish her all the luck. I've always felt that she has too much talent to waste.

Frances said...

Go Britney!!! I am so glad to see she's doing well. Even though I do hope she's already healthy, and not just being pressured to do a comeback because so many people depend on her financially.

Doug Kueffler said...

I was disappointed in her GMA appearance; the audio quality was horrible,(ABC' problem with acoustics), and her dance movements seemed stiff and uncertain. Perhaps she is feeling awkward and just needs more live performances. She is a likable young kid, although not particularly bright, and I hope she has a successful tour.


It was really sad to see her downward spiral and I am glad that she is back on top. I hope her personal life can get on the right track.

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seekngsane said...

that's just it..she's not in control of her life at all but her father and now manager and is court-ordered I might add or she never would have left the loony bin let alone been able to visit her kids! She looks great tho and I do like her videos and music and she is a good little dancer too which I think helps her sanity which is definitely questionable here.