"Pants on the Ground" singer gets a record deal

The whole country has heard it by now. “Pants on the Ground” has become a hit after it’s creator, Larry Platt, performed his origanl song for the judges of American Idol. Since performing during the Idol auditions, Platt has become an overnight sensation, and now he has a record deal.
Platt has been signed by Jake records, and according to company CEO Scott Thomas, Platt’s song has potential.
“General Larry Platt has an energy about him that is infectious,” Thomas said in a press release. “We’d love to work with Mr. Platt to generate some exposure for his original song, but also the causes that he holds near and dear to him.”
Platt has taken the nation by storm. Video clips of his ”Pants on the Ground” performance has made him an instant internet hit, and he has also performed on ”The View”, singing and dancing his way into the hearts of America.
The age limit for Idol contestants is 28, and though Platt is too old to compete as a contestant, he was allowed to audition. During his audition, he floored judge Randy Jackson, and left Simon Cowell speachless with his unusual song and dance antics, which also included a split at the end. Guest judge Mary J. Blige was also amused.


Newspapers said...

"Pants on the Ground" singer gets a record deal...This is real fact.... And the world as i see it is a interesting article...

Fleetlord Atvar said...

I remember Simon saying something to the effect of, "I have a sinking feeling that could become a hit."

Depressingly, he turned out to be right.

self defense blog said...

I think Larry is looking like a fool singing pants on the ground. I don't care which way his hat is turned.