Michelle Obama Addresses Democratic National Convention

Michelle Obama, wife of democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, was the keynote speaker on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention. In her speech, she spoke of her history with the presidential candidate, and stressed the inportance of family and party unity.

She credited former candidates Hillary Clinton and Obama's vice presidential selection, Sen Joe Biden as being inspriations, in what sounded like an attempt at party unification. Barack Obama watched from the home of a Kansas City, MO family, and addressed his wife and daughters on a large screen after the speech.

Watch excert from speech: Click here

Is America Ready For A Black President


Ms. Orange said...

I think Michelle Obama did a great job! I've never liked politics before, but this year has been pretty exciting!

brandon said...

Michelle Obama is a strong women. Obama is an amazing speaker and truly talented in the use of rhetoric. I believe we are ready for a black president, I just don't agree with his socailistic views.

gourmet popcorn said...

This is great way to address.