Obama's Convention Speech Attracts Celebrity Heavy Hitters

The 2008 Democratic National Convention came to a close in Denver, but based the number of the entertainment industry’s heavy hitters present, it could go down as the Woodstock of politics. It’s the biggest congregation of celebrities since the Academy Awards, but none shined brighter than the star of the show, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama.

Obama gave his acceptance speech to more than 84,000 supporters crammed into Denver’s INVESCO Field, home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos, as millions more watched at home. His presence overshadowed such big name celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx, and Jessica Alba.

Ben Affleck made an appearance at the city’s food bank for America’s Second Harvest, and read from a Howard Zinn at the Starz Green Room, as his wife, Jennifer Garner looked on. Stevie Wonder performed at the stadium, as did singer John Legend, and wil.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. Other performers included Sheryl Crow and Michael McDonald.

Others in attendance included Forrest Whitaker, Kanye West, Ashley Judd, Spike Lee, and Annette Benning.

Is America Ready For A Black President



gourmet popcorn said...

i agree , but obama will win.

Dori said...

It was an amazing night! My husband and I got up in the early hours of the morning here in England, just so that we could watch the speech live.

itzkiran said...

nice blog,amazing articles.
your vote is for whom?obama?