What Do Women Really Want In A Man?

Some women say trust is important, but end up with cheaters. Others want honesty, but seem to always find liars. And I may be a little on the slow side, but I'm finding that some women just sex without commitment. And that's okay, if that's what they really want.

But my feeling is, don't complain about the lack of "good" men, when you've only been looking for "bad boys". There are plenty of "good" men out here who don't have a clue what women are looking for. So, I ask...

What do YOU really want in man?

What is it that you're really searching for? Is it a romantic? Is it a bad boy? Is it an intellectual? Is it someone wealthy? Or is it just someone who just plain rocks your world under the sheets?

It's not always possible to find the sexy, romantic, smart, rich guy with the great bod all wrapped up in one package. But what characteristis do you refuse to compromise on?

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Sabine said...

Terry,this is an interessant post and question!I am a woman,and could aks you the same question...
and still have NO answer...
so..what we do really want ?

The World As I See It said...

Sabine, Sometimes I think I have the answers, but then I realize that I don't. I listen to what women SAY they want, but then watch them settle for less in a man.

I don't understand women complaining about wanting a good man... Someone who works hard, treats a woman well, and being supportive, only to fall prey to the guys who talk a good game but live on the fringes.

I'm keeping the faith that women will eventually get tired of not being treated with the respect that they deserve.

kystorms said...

all i had hoped for was, love, honesty, faith and honor. But I find out now that this just does not exist period.

good post