What makes a woman sexy?

As she entered the room, every eye turned in her direction, mine included. She was not the most beautiful woman present. There were others there who's faces could have graced the covers of Vogue or Elle. She was not the tallest, shortest, heaviest, or thinnest woman there. Others could place claims on those superlatives, too. Initially, it wasn't anything you could immediately put your finger on, but whatever it was, she just simply had it, and she carried it like few women ever could.

What makes a woman sexy is not always her most obvious characteristics. Sure, physical appearance has something to do with it. But it's much deeper than that. The sparkle in her eyes, the manner in which she carries herself, her smile, the way she dresses, the confident ease in how she walks, and the way she wears he hair will all demand some level of attention.

But how she interacts with others is also important. The self-assured demeanor that carries her effortlessly through each meaningless conversation, smiling, and never losing eye contact with whomever she's she's engaged. She doesn't gulp her drink, but rather sips, as if she savors the taste and appreciates it's delicacies. She gives space, but is never too far away. And she attracts attention, with having to demand it.

In conversation, she does not agree to everything uttered. She has her own mind, with views and positions on a wide range of topics. She isn't condescending when she is better versed on a topic, but she can also admit when she's wrong, and shows genuine interest when not totally comfortable with the subject matter. She is open to new knowledge, even if she'll never use it. She is comfortable with her femininity, but doesn't always have to defend feminism. To her, isn't so much a matter of male or female, but rather whats right or wrong. Without a doubt, she is her own person, but respects the potentially fragile ego of her male counterpart. She know how to balance being who she is, without taking away from the person that he aspires to be. She knows that women mature sooner that men, but doesn't have to rub it in his face.

A woman can be sexy wearing sweats or a gown, with hair pinned up or flowing freely down, while working a room or at ease in her home, chilling with the girls or out on her own. She's sexy while crunching for an upcoming test, while losing at b-ball but trying her best. She's sexy while shopping, she struts through the mall, but mostly she's sexy doing nothing at all.