Why it's hard for men to understand women

Women are complicated beings. Not every man can fully grasp the vast complexity of emotional, psychological, and physiological differences that separate them from men. Men acquire an early knowledge of interacting with women through early relationships with their mothers. So, when it comes to understanding the basics, men are not as clueless as women believe.
There will always more to a woman than what meets a man's eye, and it is moving beyond the basics that men begin to have problems. Identifying which personality will emerge during the monthly changes that women must constantly adjust to, is like looking into space and picking out which celestial object will best sustain life. You might get lucky and get it right, but there is a far greater chance that you won't.
But, men will never fully understand women because they can never fully understand the entire female experience. Men will never know the discomfort of going through monthly changes. And they will never endure the contrasting joys and pains of childbirth. Few men experience the challenges of having to raise their children alone. And men don't go through the hormonal upheaval associated with that period fondly called the "change of life".
Actually, men could really care less about what women have to endure. Only when they find their lives altered or in any way inconvenienced do they show any concern at all. It isn't their problem that women go through what they go through, but most of them believe that they must still be a woman's first priority. But, men can be surprisingly different at the beginning of a relationship.
Men are chameleons. They understand that they must do the things and say the things that will attract a woman's attention. They adapt to environmental changes to avoid having their intentions detected, but always reverse to their true colors when safe in their comfort zones. In the beginning, men become whatever a woman wants them to be, when they feel that there is a potential payoff in the end. However, they have little desire to maintain such appearances beyond the point of absolute necessity.
Men and women operate in different emotional planes. Men are fueled by testosterone. They get excited about football, basketball, a good fight, and sex. Women, on the other hand, have more estrogen. They enjoy a good love story, cry at weddings, and believe in fairy tale endings. Biological building blocks make it difficult for men to ever understand why women shed tears over the "Cinderella" story, and few women see the excitement of getting beat up for money.
And though some men watch "Lifetime" movies, and may even shed a few tears, they will never fully understand everything that makes a woman a woman.


Rebecca said...

Well, sometimes women make it hard, too, by being so addicted to their "dramas", or expecting men to understand non-verbal communication. Poor communication skills in general cause so many problems.

Trueman said...

Honestly, a lot of women are full of sh*t, making up stuff and causing arguments over little stuff. That's why there are so many lonely old women. That's just the truth.