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Making Money From Home
With the average price of gas nearing four dollars per gallon and the housing market showing no signs of recovery, more and more people are searching for ways to increase their income without taking on another traditional "job". Here are a few legitimate ways that people are beating the odds. Want to know more?... (click here)

Why Are Women Fascinated With "Mr. Big"

I think the biggest thing that I’m confused about with the "Sex And The City" phenomenon is the fascination with “Mr. Big”. Now, though I’m not huge a fan of the show, I’m bright enough to know that the name “Big” refers to the anatomical pipe dream that most women believe guarantees sexual fulfillment. But in this program, the reference to “Big” goes even farther.
So, what's the big deal?... (click here)

What Men Really Want In A Woman

Most men initially view a woman as a potential sex partner. We are attracted to both her femininity and her sensuality. We want a woman who exudes both, without being too much of either. For many men, seeing a woman wearing too little is way too much, even though it'll attract our attention. Read article... (click here)

Kimbo Slice

If you're not familiar with this guy, then you haven't been avidly keeping up with many of the social websites, or following MMA. With only three fights to his credit in the professional mixed fighting arena, he has become a superstar for his lightning quick knockouts and his take no prisoners persona. But not everyone is a fan... More about Kimbo Slice (click here)

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