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Bush Thanks Troop For Making "Ultimate Sacrifice"...
But still threatens to veto extended veterans benefits package!

President Bush spoke before a group of veterans and their families at Arlington Memorial Cemetery on Memorial Day, praising the ultimate sacrifice made by American service members both past and present. "On this Memorial Day, I stand before you as the commander in chief and try to tell you how proud I am," he said. But, what about his commitment to them after returning to civilian life? Read article...(click here)

Why We Should Think Before Speaking

We have all experienced that momentary blunder. Words spew from our mouths as if having a mind of their own, and before realizing what is being said, they have already had an impact. Those words may have expressed exactly how we felt or thought subconsciously, but should have been spoken in a manner which reflected much more thought.
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Is America Ready For a Black President?

Blacks have been involved in the process of political leadership since before reconstruction. Vernon Jordon was a close confidant of President Clinton. Condolezza Rice and Colin Powell have both served as Secretary of State, and many other Blacks have held high political posts both in state and national government. Leadership abilities were not heaped on just one ethnic group or gender. We should not be so focused on the character that fills the seat of the white house, but rather, the character of the man. Read article... (click here)

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